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Can you get over-the-counter sleeping pills UK?

Can you get over-the-counter sleeping pills UK

Can you get over-the-counter sleeping pills UK?

You’ve done all you can to get adequate sleep, including sleeping on a regular schedule, avoiding coffee and afternoon naps, exercising frequently, avoiding illuminated screens before night, and managing stress. Even yet, it’s been weeks and a decent night’s sleep is still difficult. Is it time to consider the Best sleeping pills over the counter? Here’s what you should know if you’re thinking about using sleeping pills.

Can you get over-the-counter sleeping pills UK

Although sleep deprivation is prevalent, many individuals who suffer from it are unaware that it is a severe health condition that can have serious consequences for our health. In this post, we’ll go over some of the tell-tale indicators of sleep deprivation, as well as which natural components can assist and which are the best sleeping pills over the counter are worth investing in to enhance your sleep quality.

Sleep aids are not a miracle cure. 

For the occasional sleepless night, over-the-counter sleep aids can be useful. However, there are a few limitations. Antihistamines are found in the majority of sleeping tablets over the counter. Tolerance to antihistamines’ sedative effects can build fast, so the longer you take them.

The less effective they become to make you sleepy. Furthermore, certain Sleeping tablets over the counter might leave you sluggish and ill the next day. This is known as the hangover effect. Medication interactions are also possible, and much is unclear regarding the safety and efficacy of over-the-counter sleep aids. Sleep aids are commonly accessible over-the-counter. 

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The following are examples of common options and their possible adverse effects:

The drug diphenhydramine (Benadryl, Aleve PM, others). Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine that causes sedation. Daytime sleepiness, dry mouth, impaired vision, constipation, and urine retention are possible side effects. Succinate of doxylamine (Unisom SleepTabs). Doxylamine is a sedating antihistamine as well. The side effects are identical to diphenhydramine. Melatonin, a hormone, aids in the regulation of your natural sleep-wake cycle.

Some research suggests that melatonin supplements may be beneficial in treating jet lag or shortening the time it takes to fall asleep — though the effect is usually mild. Headaches and daytime drowsiness are possible side effects. This plant’s supplements are occasionally used as sleeping tablets over the counter. Although a few studies have found some therapeutic value, others have not.

Things to keep in mind while buying sleeping pills

Over-the-counter sleep medications are just a short-term cure for insomnia. In general, sleeping tablets in the UK should not be used for more than two weeks. Stay away from alcohol. Never combine alcohol with sleeping pills. The sleepy effects of the medicine might be exacerbated by alcohol. Be cautious with adverse effects. While taking sleep aids do not drive or engage in other tasks that need attentiveness.

Consult your doctor if you continue to have difficulty sleeping. In addition to lifestyle modifications, other than consuming sleeping tablets in the UK he or she may suggest behaviour therapy to help you develop new sleep patterns and strategies to make your sleeping environment more sleep-friendly. In some circumstances, the usage of prescription sleep aids for a brief period of time may be advised.

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