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How to Build a Strong Immune System


How to Build a Strong Immune System

Being a primary defense mechanism of our body, the immune system needs to be protected and boosted. A strong immune system fights the disease-causing bugs and keeps us healthy. However, during the hustle-bustle of life, we often forget to boost our immune system, hence we see a downfall in our health.


1. Sufficient Sleep

Take enough sleep to boost your immunity. Get no less than 7 hours of sleep to strengthen your immune system.

2. Eat Greens

Adopt the “Garden approach” i.e. eat more veggies & fruits as it will help you build a strong immune system by supplying vital nutrients to your body.

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3. Exercise Daily

Like it or not, daily exercise builds a shield around your body to protect against serious illnesses. A strong body gives a strong mind.

4. Perform Yoga

For a stress-free and healthy life, yoga is the best option. In addition, also do meditation as it calms your body and strengthens your immune system.

5. Vitamin C

Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C. It is one of the major elements to build a strong immune system as Vitamin C protects your respiratory system.


Take good care of your health. Look for the gifts that mother nature has given to us to protect our immune system i.e. healthy green food. Also, take care of those around you.

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